Minimalist Turtle Bracelet 🐢


A bracelet for someone dear to you, family, friends or perhaps more, the bracelet comes with a small metal turtle that will now accompany you in your journeys to follow. 🐢

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  • Slim and stylish.
  • Loves the oceans breeze!
  • Enjoys formal events.
  • Keeps your wrist company!
  • Has 2 assorted bracelet friends!

the cutest bracelet on your wrist

The turtle bracelet has a variety of uses, such as wearing it and wearing it some more after that, the bracelet is a great companion for your wrist and it knows how to keep a secret, if you decide to share any with it. 🌊

Seeing as the bracelet is a turtle, it’s only fair to assume it loves the ocean (or sea) breeze like all marine life! 🐢

You can wear this bracelet on a sunny summer day or during a gala event, nothing stands in your way as the turtle has a great fashion sense and goes wonderfully with any outfit! ⛵

Buying 2 bracelets gives you the third bracelet for free. 💖

about the bracelet

A stylish piece of jewelry for your hand, a bracelet that not only resembles the hope we put into saving other species but also our humanity and knowing that despite the world being as it is, we are the ones trying to change it for the better, little by little.

We will use a portion of the proceeds generated from your purchase to further our on going mission to help save turtles and other endangered species from going extinct. 🌊

This bracelet should always be a reminder of the day you chose to help the turtles survive, you made a difference, be proud.


Donations for Turtles

A percentage of your money will go towards saving Turtles, let’s keep endangered species on Earth.


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