Honey Bee Necklace 🐝


This little Bee Necklace has everything you’ll ever need from a necklace! It has a bee on it and you can wear it around your neck, what more could you want? 🐝

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  • Stylish, but doesn’t scream for attention!
  • Average honey enjoyer.
  • Won’t fly away from your neck.
  • Loves flowers!
  • Gets along with any kind of jewelry!

a beeautiful necklace for your collection

The Honey Bee necklace can be worn at any occasion, it won’t scream for attention and fits in with any outfit regardless of the outside weather! 🌺

As much as it loves plants and nature, it will never fly away from your neck in search of flowers to pollinate! 🍯

It’s made of stainless steel, so feel free to wear it while taking a bath or going to the pool, no damage done!

The necklace weighs 15 grams, that’s the equivalent of 150 bees, give or take, far from a full bee hive but enough to make you feel like the queen or king of bees. 🐝

about the necklace

A stylish honey bee necklace for your beloved or friend, or both, that not only resembles the hope we put into saving other species but also our humanity and knowing that despite the world being as it is, we are the ones trying to change it for the better, little by little.

We will use a portion of the proceeds generated from your purchase to further our on going mission to help save bees and other endangered species from going extinct. 🌷

This necklace should always be a reminder of the day you chose to help the bees survive, you made a difference, be proud.


Donations for Bees

A percentage of your money will go towards saving Bees, let’s keep endangered species on Earth.


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1 CM 1 CM 925 Sterling Silver