Cute Honey Bee Plushie 🐝


Cute Bee Plushie with charming character, protector of the honey jars and great nap buddy for a rainy day! 🐝

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  • Squishy and super cute!
  • Average flower & house plant enjoyer!
  • Will not sting you!
  • Loves documentaries!
  • Gets along with other plushies!

the laziest plushie in your room

The Honey Bee plushie is a great companion for any type of activity, it loves watching you read novels, listening to your stories and most importantly, it loves hearing you sing in the shower, it might as well be your number one fan on Spotify for all we know!

The plushie won’t fly away but it still loves plants and flowers, also, don’t worry, it won’t sting you! 🌼

The bed is the perfect spot for this plushie, it might not produce any honey but it sure is sweeter than it! 🍯

Getting all three pillows will give you an extra 15% discount. 💖

about the plushie

A squishy companion for your bed, a pillow that not only resembles the hope we put into saving other species but also our humanity and knowing that despite the world being as it is, we are the ones trying to change it for the better, little by little.

We will use a portion of the proceeds generated from your purchase to further our on going mission to help save bees and other endangered species from going extinct. 🌷

This plushie should always be a reminder of the day you chose to help the bees survive, you made a difference, be proud.


Donations for Bees

A percentage of your money will go towards saving Bees, let’s keep endangered species on Earth.


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Product Information
Height Material
20 CM Plush, filled with cotton.
30 CM Plush, filled with cotton.
40 CM Plush, filled with cotton.